Thailand: Key Issues and Policies

image of Thailand: Key Issues and Policies

This book offers policy guidance to Thailand for fostering entrepreneurship and strengthening the performance of SMEs and their contribution to growth and development. It provides evidence-based analysis and policy recommendations on thematic issues such as access to finance for SMEs and entrepreneurs, SME participation in global markets, intellectual assets and innovation, high-growth SMEs and women’s entrepreneurship.


SME and Entrepreneurship Policy and Programmes in Thailand

This chapter describes and assesses SME and entrepreneurship policy and programmes in Thailand. Thailand’s strategic policy agenda for SMEs and entrepreneurship is presented at the outset. The policy formulation and delivery framework is then examined, including the roles of the various responsible government departments, agencies and related stakeholders and the challenges of co-ordinating policy across a wide range of organisations. Major SME and entrepreneurship projects and programmes are then reviewed, falling in the areas of education and training, information and knowledge, finance, market access and development, and technology and innovation. In order to clarify and assess the targeting and mix of programmes and projects, a policy and portfolio framework is presented and used to examine budget allocations across strategic priorities, categories of policy focus and stages of business development.


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