Thailand: Key Issues and Policies

image of Thailand: Key Issues and Policies

This book offers policy guidance to Thailand for fostering entrepreneurship and strengthening the performance of SMEs and their contribution to growth and development. It provides evidence-based analysis and policy recommendations on thematic issues such as access to finance for SMEs and entrepreneurs, SME participation in global markets, intellectual assets and innovation, high-growth SMEs and women’s entrepreneurship.


SME and Entrepreneurship Framework Conditions and Business Environment in Thailand

This chapter presents the institutional framework conditions and business environment factors influencing SME and entrepreneurship development in Thailand. It starts with an overview of the influence of macroeconomic trends and fiscal, monetary and structural policies. It then examines the range of opportunities for improving the climate in which Thailand’s businesses operate, including human development, tax and social security, product market conditions, sources of financing, labour market conditions and the rule of law and transparency. The chapter concludes with a discussion of barriers to growth as perceived by SMEs and entrepreneurs and an assessment of the innovative capacity of Thai SMEs and entrepreneurs.


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