Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Education in Ireland

image of Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Education in Ireland

This report presents evidence-based analysis on Ireland’s higher education transformation process towards an innovative, interconnected and multidisciplinary entrepreneurial system, designed to empower its students and staff to demonstrate enterprise, innovation and creativity in teaching, research and societal engagement. Using the OECD-European Commission HEInnovate guidance for the entrepreneurial and innovative higher education institution, the report assesses strategies and practices for entrepreneurship and innovation in Ireland’s higher education institutions and the systemic support provided by government.

Higher education institutions play a critical role in Ireland’s economy and innovation system, which is based on a strong and growing engagement agenda with industry and local communities, the emergence of new learning environments and strong multidisciplinary research teams. This report offers practical recommendations on how Ireland can enhance and sustain the outcomes.



Applying HEInnovate to higher education in Ireland

This chapter provides a holistic assessment of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Irish higher education system using the seven dimensions and 37 statements of the European Commission-OECD HEInnovate framework. It includes discussion of strategy, governance and resources, practices in organising education, research and engagement with business and society, and measuring impact. The analysis is based on study visits to six institutions and the results of a system-wide HEI Leader Survey. The Chapter concludes with a presentation of the key recommendations resulting from the Irish HEInnovate country review.


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