STAN: OECD Structural Analysis Statistics 2016

image of STAN: OECD Structural Analysis Statistics 2016

STAN: OECD Structural Analysis Statistics 2016 provides analysts and researchers with a comprehensive tool for analysing industrial performance across countries. The publication includes the following annual measures: production, value added (at current and constant prices), gross fixed capital formation, number engaged and labour compensation.

Data are presented in national currency for current price data, in terms of the current price value in the reference year (2010) for volume data and in number of persons for employment data. Coverage is provided for 18 OECD countries and for multiple sectors, with extended coverage of service sectors according to SNA08/ISIC Revision 4 classification.

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From Chapter: Portugal

Table 2 - Value added, current prices: Portugal

ISIC Rev. 4

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