Statistics on International Transactions 1998

This joint OECD-Eurostat publication provides statistical data on international trade in services for the twenty-nine OECD Member countries as well as definitions and methodological notes. The data are supplied and published according to the IMF Fifth Manual of the Balance of Payments and the OECD-Eurostat Classification of Trade in Services, which is totally consistent with the balance of payments classification but is more detailed. This book includes summary tables by country and by service category and zone totals for the EU15, EU12, EUR11 and the OECD which are comparable. Tables for individual countries showing data for detailed service categories are also provided. Time series cover the period 1987-1996 as far as data are available.

06 Apr 1999 404 pages English, French 9789264072640 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD