Science, Technology and Industry Outlook 1998

Science, technology and industry are in a period of change, reflecting an ongoing move to a knowledge-based economy. Rapid technological progress, driven by a productive scientific community and increasingly efficient business practices, the growing role of information and communications technologies (ICT), a continuing shift to services, and the globalisation of economy and society are among the key forces behind this transformation. The 1998 Science, Technology and Industry Outlook provides a broad and integrated assessment of this transformation process across the OECD area.

The reader will find a discussion of recent trends and prospects in science, technology and industry, based on comparative indicators, such as output, investment and productivity, research and development (R&D), patent activity and innovation and knowledge flows, and an overview of the broad changes in science, technology and industry policy across OECD countries. This 1998 edition also includes special thematic chapters on: the determinants of productivity performance; the impact of advanced technologies in traditional industries; recent changes in R&D expenditure and their impact on innovation and growth; and how ICT is improving performance in the science system.

A 50-page statistical annex updates OECD data on science, technology and industry and provides information on the main OECD databases covering these areas.

09 Oct 1998 287 pages English Also available in: French 9789264163447 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD