Poland: Key Issues and Policies

image of Poland: Key Issues and Policies

The rapid growth of entrepreneurship and small firms has been one of the greatest successes in post-Communist transformation in Poland.  SMEs have greatly contributed to employment, investment and value added in the Polish economy.  However, key barriers to further growth remain in the business environment for SMEs and entrepreneurs.  This book sets out the current SME and entrepreneurship climate, reviews SME and entrepreneurship issues and policies at national and local levels, and provides observations and recommendations for improving and supporting entrepreneurship and SMEs in Poland.

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The Local Dimension to SME and Entrepreneurship Policy in Poland

There is a significant local dimension to small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) and entrepreneurship policy in Poland, reflecting the need to respond to significant regional disparities in incomes and employment opportunities. This can be done by strengthening SME and entrepreneurship performance in less favoured regions and tailoring policies to varying local economic structures. Approximately one-quarter of EU Operational Programme financing is allocated directly to the 16 regions, for programmes that are designed and delivered at the regional level. There is a strong need at the local level to increase the visibility, accessibility, branding and quality standards of policy support. National government and agencies can play an important part by helping build delivery capacity for regional support actions. There should be a clearly branded and limited number of publicly supported organisations which can provide a set of support schemes to all target groups where private organisations cannot do the job. Better vertical dialogue across government levels and horizontal dialogue across and within regions would also help increase policy visibility and coherence.


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