OECD SME and Entrepreneurship Outlook 2019

image of OECD SME and Entrepreneurship Outlook 2019

The new OECD SME and Entrepreneurship Outlook presents the latest trends in performance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and provides a comprehensive overview of business conditions and policy frameworks for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

This year’s edition provides comparative evidence on business dynamism, productivity growth, wage gaps and export trends by firm size across OECD countries and emerging economies. It explores the implications of digitalisation and globalisation for market conditions and SME access to strategic resources such as finance, skills, technology, data and other innovation assets. The report gives comparative analysis of regulatory frameworks and policies to enhance contributions by SMEs and entrepreneurs, and delivers a forward-looking perspective on the opportunities and challenges SMEs and entrepreneurs face in doing business and scaling up their activities. It also contains country profiles outlining the latest developments in national SME performance and business conditions, with expanded country profiles available on line.

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A series of measures have been introduced since 2008 to reduce the administrative burden on SMEs. However, procedures remain complex, and the cost of enforcing contracts is one of the highest in the EU. An extensive amendment to Act No. 182/2006 Coll. on Insolvency came into effect in 2017. It fundamentally changes many aspects of insolvency proceedings, including a so-called “insolvency cap” that shifts the emphasis when assessing the inability to pay debts to the real liquidity of the entrepreneur, thus helping debtors defend themselves more effectively in the event of unjustified insolvency petitions against them.



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