OECD Compendium of Productivity Indicators 2012

image of OECD Compendium of Productivity Indicators 2012

This document presents an overview of recent trends in productivity level and growth in OECD countries, based on a large set of indicators. It also highlights the measurement issues involved in compiling indicators used for the analysis of issues related to productivity.



Annex D: ISIC Rev4 – a new classification for industrial statistics

In 2008, the United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD) released the 4th revision of the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC Rev.4). Revisions to ISIC are periodically undertaken to account for new and emerging products or industries, and to reflect changes in the organisation of production often resulting from technological innovations. ISIC Rev.4 was broadly developed in parallel with the implementation of NACE Rev.2, the European equivalent.


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