OECD Compendium of Productivity Indicators 2012

image of OECD Compendium of Productivity Indicators 2012

This document presents an overview of recent trends in productivity level and growth in OECD countries, based on a large set of indicators. It also highlights the measurement issues involved in compiling indicators used for the analysis of issues related to productivity.



Annex C: Capital input measures at the OECD

Two key measures of capital stock exist. The first is productive capital stock, which looks at capital in its function as a provider of capital services in production. The second is gross (or net) capital stock, which captures the role of capital as a store of wealth.1 This Annex provides supplementary information on these two measures and the approaches used to estimate them. It also provides further information on data availability for capital at the OECD and provides some pointers to future developments at the OECD.


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