Measuring Globalisation: The Role of Multinationals in OECD Economies 2001, Volume II, Services

This publication presents detailed data on the role played by multinationals in the OECD economies. This year’s edition also includes data on the activity of affiliates of national firms abroad (outward investment). Volume I provides data for the manufacturing sector covering 18 variables including production, employment, investment, research and trade. Part I presents the main findings and highlights trends for each of the variables displayed by foreign multinationals and domestic firms in total manufacturing industry, leading sectors as well as a detailed geographical breakdown. Part II provides basic data and shows the share of each sector controlled by foreign multinationals for the available industrial variables. Data sources and definitions are also provided. Published for the first time, Volume II presents data for services. Five variables are covered: employment, turnover, value added, exports and imports. These data provide a measure of the impact of foreign direct investment on the economies of the OECD countries. From this standpoint, they provide a vital backup for data on direct investment flows.

English, French