Measuring Globalisation: Activities of Multinationals 2007, Volume I, Manufacturing Sector

image of Measuring Globalisation: Activities of Multinationals 2007, Volume I, Manufacturing Sector

This first volume of a two-volume publication presents detailed data on the industrial activity of multinationals in OECD countries. In an era of globalisation, these data highlight the increasing importance of multinationals in the economies of host countries. Time series cover 23 countries for the period 2000-2004.  This volume provides data for the manufacturing sector covering 18 variables including production, employment, investment, research and trade. Volume II provides similar data for services. These data provide a measure of the impact of foreign direct investment on the economies of the OECD countries. From this standpoint, they provide a vital backup for data on direct investment flows.This publication includes StatLinks, URLs linking to Excel® spreadsheets containing the underlying data.

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The data are prepared by Statistics Norway (Statistik sentralbyrå). They are based on a yearly survey of mining and manufacturing industries, which covers all manufacturing establishments from 1996. Previous surveys covered all establishments employing five or more persons up to 1991, and employing more than ten persons for the period 1992-95. The SIFON register, which includes Norwegian joint-stock companies where the entire share capital or parts of it are in foreign hands, is also used. Data from 1995 onwards are not comparable with those for previous years as they include indirectly foreign-owned establishments. The results are published every year on the Web site of Statistics Norway ( www.ssb.no ).

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