Knowledge-based Start-ups in Mexico

image of Knowledge-based Start-ups in Mexico
Over the last decade Mexico has implemented a variety of policies to support business innovation. Support instruments have included direct subsidies to firms in the framework of competitive calls and R&D tax credit schemes. Specific policies have aimed at supporting public-private partnerships and technological collaboration between public research institutes and higher education institutions and enterprises. In many instances support focused on  priority sectors or technology areas, but in recent years more emphasis has been placed on support to small and medium-sized enterprises and the build-up of technology transfer capacities. This report evaluates the performance of the knowledge-based sector in Mexico and provides policy recommendations for improving the financing, creation and expansion of innovative knowledge-based start-ups.


Policy recommendations

This chapter proposes recommendations for strengthening the innovation ecosystem to favour the creation and expansion of knowledge-based start-ups within the general framework of Mexico’s science, technology and innovation (STI) policy. Drawing on examples of good practices in more advanced countries it suggests possible policy initiatives to develop this ecosystem through improved governance mechanisms and more dedicated support instruments. A number of recommendations go beyond the competence of STI policy makers to encompass more general framework conditions and regulatory and taxation issues.


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