Job Creation and Local Economic Development

image of Job Creation and Local Economic Development

This publication highlights new evidence on policies to support job creation, bringing together the latest research on labour market, entrepreneurship and local economic development policy to help governments support job creation in the recovery. It  also includes  a set of country pages featuring, among other things, new data on skills supply and demand at the level of smaller OECD regions (TL3).

This publication is the first in a series to take this integrative approach, and it is designed to be user friendly and accessible to all government officials, academics, practitioners and civil society with an interest in local economic development and job creation.

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Aligning local employment, skills and economic development policies

At the local level, there are a diverse range of actors working in the fields of employment, skills and economic development. Regional variations in the supply and demand of skills mean that local level actors need to be equipped with the right tools and resources to develop innovative job creation strategies tailored to local conditions. Successful strategies to build better quality jobs require integrated actions across a number of portfolios. Partnerships are being used across the OECD to better connect local level leaders, who can leverage their resources, expertise, and knowledge to develop place-based responses to structural adjustment and local economic development. Such partnership approaches require a degree of local flexibility in the implementation of national policies to be successful. This chapter explores what governance tools are being used to support joined up policy delivery, and how these efforts are contributing to more inclusive growth.

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