Innovation and Growth in Tourism

image of Innovation and Growth in Tourism

How is innovation transforming tourism business models? By tackling the subject of innovation, this report touches upon an important dimension of tourism economics rarely examined at the international level. It provides information about the dynamics and characteristics of innovation in tourism, and gives examples of how business models are evolving as a result. It also aims to provide an important contribution to further research and policy work in this area. The report includes a discussion of the conceptual issues regarding innovation in tourism, it illustrates national and industry practices enhancing innovation in tourism, and provides insights into the potential role of tourism policy in innovation.



Product Improvement or Innovation

What Is the Key to Success in Tourism?

This paper is built like a three–layered clubhouse sandwich with the first layer providing some theoretical and conceptual insights regarding expected innovation behaviour in tourism based on the available relating to tourism and industrial economics. The second layer provides insights regarding the causes and effects of innovation and product development in tourism, based on empirical research carried out at this Center, and interviews carried out by the author both in Europe and North America with major companies active in national and/or global tourism, including tour operators, airlines and theme parks. The last layer of the sandwich draws conclusions and discusses the results of the research with respect to tourism policy making.


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