Industrial Structure Statistics 1999

Vol. 1: Core Data - Vol. 2: Energy Consumption

This sixteenth edition of Industrial Structure Statistics is in two parts. Volume 1 provides official annual data for detailed industrial sectors (manufacturing, non-manufacturing, and construction) as well as for detailed service sectors, covering such variables as production, value added, employment, investment, exports, imports, wages and salaries, number of establishments and hours worked. Eight years' data are shown up to 1997. The series are derived from business surveys, foreign trade data or national accounts. Data are classified according to both versions of ISIC and are shown in two parts (45 tables in ISIC Revision 2 and 266 tables in ISIC Revision 3). An annex presents qualitative information on national sources and definitions. Volume 2 presents annual energy consumption data in manufacturing sectors. Over the last 25 years, energy consumption has become just as important as energy supply for policy makers. There is a need for energy efficiency indicators and data to monitor developments in energy consumption and energy efficiency trends as they affect the environment. In order to analyse energy use and energy efficiency, it is essential to have disaggregated industry level consumption data. The Information System on Industrial Structures (ISIS) Energy Data Programme provides such data. The energy data presented in Volume 2 were mostly collected during the Pilot phase of the project. Time series of annual energy consumption are provided at the disaggregated manufacturing industry level for most of the OECD countries (and the Slovak Republic) from 1990 to 1998 where available. Please note that Volume 2 is in English only.

08 Mar 2000 790 pages English, French 9789264081055 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD