How central authorities can support ecodesign

Company perspectives

image of How central authorities can support ecodesign

Eco-design presents an integrated approach to develop products with as small environmental footprint as possible taking a life-cycle perspective. However, still, the vast majority of manufacturing companies do not use eco-design, or at least they do not use it in their marketing. Taking a company perspective, this report tries to understand why. Its ambition has been to identify and explain the incentives companies have for implementing eco-design practices in their product development. Ultimately, the report is trying to answer the question on how authorities can use these incentives to better support eco-design. The findings presented in the report are based on interviews with Nordic manufacturing companies, experts in the field and a literature survey. Conclusions are followed by general recommendations on how to stimulate the use of eco-design in companies.



Interview Results

The purpose with this report is to find out how authorities can persuade or even force companies to adopt ecodesign processes. Finding out what actually drives ecodesign in the companies is essential to this question. Given the information from the literature study this may be a lot of factors, not only pure environmental ones. This is why another key question here is: what motivates a company’s product development? And what is the real reason a company designs products that benefit the environment or cause less harm then previously?


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