Greener Skills and Jobs

image of Greener Skills and Jobs

Green skills, that is, skills needed in a low-carbon economy, will be required in all sectors and at all levels in the workforce as emerging economic activities create new (or renewed) occupations. Structural changes will realign sectors that are likely to decline as a result of the greening of the economy and workers will need to be retrained accordingly. The successful transition to a low-carbon economy will only be possible if workers can flexibly adapt and transfer from areas of decreasing employment to new industries. This report suggests that the role of skills and education and training policies should be an important component of the ecological transformation process.




In February 2012, policy makers, researchers, experts from international organisations and academia met in Paris to debate the role of “green skills” in moving towards a low-carbon future. The 2012 Green Skills Forum was organised jointly by the OECD and Cedefop and this volume collects the papers from participants. The Forum raised policy makers’ and stakeholders’ awareness of the need to integrate skills strategies in order to succeed in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Such strategies include measures for more flexible and dynamic education and training programmes at local, sectoral and regional levels.


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