Greener Skills and Jobs

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Green skills, that is, skills needed in a low-carbon economy, will be required in all sectors and at all levels in the workforce as emerging economic activities create new (or renewed) occupations. Structural changes will realign sectors that are likely to decline as a result of the greening of the economy and workers will need to be retrained accordingly. The successful transition to a low-carbon economy will only be possible if workers can flexibly adapt and transfer from areas of decreasing employment to new industries. This report suggests that the role of skills and education and training policies should be an important component of the ecological transformation process.


Greening technical vocational education and training in the European steel industry

This chapter studies the first results of the European Lifelong Learning Programme funded project, Greening Technical Vocational Education and Training (GT-VET). Within this project, responsive vocational education and training (VET) pathways are explored to meet the environmental and health and safety skill needs of the steel industry. As a model, the project will develop an industry-driven European sustainable training module, in co-operation with national VET systems. Independent of the different VET systems of EU member countries, VET practices and learning outcomes need to be evaluated with respect to environmental skills, expertise and awareness. Based on these insights, a European training module will be developed to obtain identical European learning outcomes in the field of green skills and sustainable awareness, which complement current technical VET programmes in this area.


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