Governance of Innovation Systems: Volume 3

Case Studies in Cross-Sectoral Policy

image of Governance of Innovation Systems: Volume 3

This book provides lessons from case studies in policy governance for the information society and sustainable development. It highlights important lessons from these policy areas for the governance of innovation policy, and illustrates mechanisms and practices for better co-ordination and integration across policy areas.

Companion volumes to this edition are:

  • Governance of Innovation Systems – Volume 1: Synthesis Report
  • Governance of Innovation Systems – Volume 2: Case Studies in Innovation Policy



Patchwork Policy Making

Linking Innovation and Transport Policies in Austria

This chapter examines the links between transport and innovation policy in Austria. It is based on key documents in the two areas and a series of interviews with policy makers and experts. It looks at the way in which the two policy areas interact in Austria and the kinds of mechanisms that exist to facilitate communication between them.


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