Governance of Innovation Systems: Volume 3

Case Studies in Cross-Sectoral Policy

image of Governance of Innovation Systems: Volume 3

This book provides lessons from case studies in policy governance for the information society and sustainable development. It highlights important lessons from these policy areas for the governance of innovation policy, and illustrates mechanisms and practices for better co-ordination and integration across policy areas.

Companion volumes to this edition are:

  • Governance of Innovation Systems – Volume 1: Synthesis Report
  • Governance of Innovation Systems – Volume 2: Case Studies in Innovation Policy



Information Society Policy Co-ordination

A Mould for Innovation Policy Development in Norway?

Competition policy and framework conditions are central components of Norwegian economic policy and prescribe a hands-off approach to information society policy implementation. But core challenges of Norwegian information society policy (eNorway), e.g. an electronic identification standard and boosting e-commerce, probably call for more hands-on policy making.


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