Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2017

An OECD Scoreboard

image of Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2017

Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2017 provides information on debt, equity, asset-based finance, and framework conditions for SME and entrepreneurship finance, complemented with an overview of recent policy measures to support access to finance in 39 countries. The sixth instalment of this annual publication provides a solid evidence base to improve SME policy making. Almost a decade after the financial crisis, the financing situation of SMEs and entrepreneurs has generally improved in 2015 and the first half of 2016 in most participating countries, and indicates a more favourable business environment. While alternative sources of financing are gaining some traction, SMEs nevertheless remain very reliant on bank lending, making them vulnerable to credit market conditions and the economic climate.




As governments around the world address the challenges of low growth, weak trade and investment, and rising inequalities, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs have emerged as a driving force for open and prosperous societies. Fostering these firms’ contributions to sustainable and inclusive growth requires a level playing field for small business, crucially in the area of finance. Yet, compared to large firms, SMEs continue to face more stringent financing conditions, higher interest rates for bank credit, and higher hurdles in attracting alternative sources of finance.


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