Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2016

An OECD Scoreboard

image of Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2016

This report monitors SME and entrepreneur access to finance in 37 countries. It includes indicators of debt, equity, asset-based finance and framework conditions for SME and entrepreneurship finance, complemented by an overview of recent developments in public and private initiatives to support SME finance. Taken together, these indicators form a comprehensive framework for policy makers and other stakeholders to evaluate the financing needs of SMEs.

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The Swedish business sector comprises a significant number of SME companies. Together they account for 59% of value added and 66% of employment. Micro-businesses constitute 94.6% of all companies. Most SMEs operate in services, wholesale trade and retail, and construction. There are relatively few Swedish small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector provides 17% of the workforce and value added of small and medium-sized enterprises (European Commission, 2014).




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