Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2016

An OECD Scoreboard

image of Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2016

This report monitors SME and entrepreneur access to finance in 37 countries. It includes indicators of debt, equity, asset-based finance and framework conditions for SME and entrepreneurship finance, complemented by an overview of recent developments in public and private initiatives to support SME finance. Taken together, these indicators form a comprehensive framework for policy makers and other stakeholders to evaluate the financing needs of SMEs.

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China (People's Republic of)

In China, micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) comprise 97% of all firms, accounting for 80% of urban employment, and for 60% of total GDP in 2013. In 2013, there were about 11.7 million small and micro enterprises and about 44.4 million self-employed entrepreneurs; accounting for 94.2% of all firms. 60.2% of small businesses (excluding self-employed) operate in the services sector (with 36.5% in wholesale, retail and catering; 10.2% in tenancy and business services; 2.5% in information transmission services; 2.5% in real estate industries; and 8.5% in other service industries). In addition, 18.5 of small businesses operate in manufacturing and processing, 5% in construction, and 3.2% in agriculture-related industries.




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