Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2014

An OECD Scoreboard

image of Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2014

Start-ups and small firms continue to face significant obstacles to fulfilling their potential to innovate, grow and create jobs, particularly when it comes to obtaining access to finance. With its 13 core indicators of debt, equity and general market conditions, complemented by a review of government policy measures, Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2014: An OECD Scoreboard documents these financing difficulties and monitors trends in 31 countries, along with government policy responses to deal with these challenges.





SMEs comprise 99.9% of enterprises in Italy and account for 80% of the industrial and service labour force (Eurostat, 2011). The sector has a relatively small-scale structure: the share of micro-enterprises is higher than the EU average and this particular feature does not depend on the sector composition. Data collected from the debt side were mainly available for most of the firms with less than 20 employees, which represents nearly the entire universe.




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