Enhancing the Role of SMEs in Global Value Chains

image of Enhancing the Role of SMEs in Global Value Chains

The globalisation of production processes characterises the current phase of globalisation. Participation in global value chains (GVCs) can bring stability to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and allow them to increase productivity and expand their business. This OECD report identifies the ways in which governments, the business community, and international organisations can facilitate SMEs’ gainful participation in global value chains through policies, practices and targeted support programmes. It presents the findings of case studies carried out in five industries (the automotive sector, scientific and precision instruments, software, film production and distribution and tourism).


Patterns of Globalisation in Five Industrial Sectors

This chapter provides an overview of globalisation issues in the five industries (i.e. automotive, scientific and precision instruments, software, tourism and cinema) analysed for this project and presents elements of comparisons between the globalisation patterns, on the basis of desk work and interviews conducted with major players in each industry. The concept of the GVC, as a set of economic processes, sets the frame and background for a closer observation and explanations of how, in different technological markets and contexts, roles are shared among enterprises, in particular large and small, local and global.


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