Enhancing SME Competitiveness

The OECD Bologna Ministerial Conference

image of Enhancing SME Competitiveness

What are the problems faced by SMEs in OECD countries and developing and transition economies in today’s globalising world? What are the framework conditions that influence SMEs’ incentives and capacities to innovate? What is the optimal role of public policy in consolidating and developing clusters? Are SMEs failing to capture the full benefits of e-commerce and if so, why? Which are the best-practice instruments for fostering co-operation and partnership between SMEs in OECD and non-OECD countries?

The OECD Bologna Conference gathered Ministers, high-level policy makers and business representatives from more than 50 countries and 60 international organisations with a view to releasing the potential of SMEs and enhancing their access to global markets. The Bologna Ministerial Conference has contributed to putting SMEs at the forefront of the international policy agenda.


Enhancing SME Competitiveness (Summary in Spanish) / Enhancing SME Competitiveness (Summary in Spanish)


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