Developments in Steelmaking Capacity of Non-OECD Economies 2013

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Developments in Steelmaking Capacity of Non-OECD Economies is a two-yearly report on trends in the steelmaking capacity of economies that are not members of the OECD. This report examines existing steelmaking capacity and investments that will lead to changes in steel capacity by 2014. The publication includes an appendix containing detailed steel information on an economy-by-economy basis, showing existing steel facilities, their equipment and capacity, as well as each company’s planned steel investments. Information is also provided on the starting date of planned steel projects, the ownership status of the steel plants, the progress of steel projects, recent changes at existing works, and, where known, the financing of steel projects.

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Developments in Steelmaking Capacity of Non-OECD Economies

Two-yearly report

The global steel industry’s capacity to produce steel has increased rapidly over the past decade. Most of the growth in steelmaking capacity has occurred in non-OECD economies, particularly in Asia, where demand for steel used in downstream manufacturing, to support construction activity, and to build the necessary infrastructure has expanded strongly. Due to the long lead times necessary to build and expand steelmaking facilities, trends in steelmaking capacity can lag those in demand. Although world steel demand declined sharply during the global economic and financial crisis of 2008-09, and has recovered only moderately in some economies, the world’s capacity to make steel has continued to increase steadily. In 2011, global steelmaking capacity is estimated to have reached 1 997.1 million metric tonnes (mmt), of which 1 331.7 mmt, or 66.7%, was located in non-OECD economies.

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