Business demography indicators ISIC Rev.3

The OECD's Business Demography database contains information on variables such as birth rates (business entries), death rates (business exits) survival rates, or High-Growth enterprises rate for most OECD countries. Indicators are broken down by industry using the International Standard of Industrial Classification (ISIC Revision 3) and, for some of them, by employment size-class. 'Employer' indicators (i.e. covering only businesses with at least one employee) are found to be more relevant in the context of international comparisons than the indicators covering all enterprises which are sensitive to the coverage of business registers and it is expected that progressively more and more data will be provided on the 'employer' definition basis. Data are presented on annual datapoints and are available from 1981 onwards

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Keywords: statistics, high growth enterprise, manufacturing, death rates, ISIC, employment creation, health, enterprises, services, gazelles, birth rates, survival rates, business demography, construction