STAN Industry ISIC Rev. 4 (Edition 2015)

The OECD STAN Industry database provides statistics analysing industrial performance at a relatively detailed level of activity. It includes annual measures of output, labour input, investment and international trade which allow users to construct a wide range of indicators to focus on areas such as productivity growth, competitiveness and general structural change. Through the use of a standard industry list, comparisons can be made across countries. The industry list provides sufficient detail to enable users to highlight high-technology sectors and is compatible with those used in related OECD databases. STAN is primarily based on member countries' Annual National Accounts by activity tables and uses data from other sources, such as national business surveys/censuses, to estimate any missing detail. STAN is based on the ISIC Rev. 4 classification and covers all activities (including services). Data are presented from 1970 onwards.

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Keywords: statistics, real estate, industry, production, labour cost, sales, STAN, gross fixed capital formation, capital stock, electricity, fixed capital, manufacturing, consumption