STAN Indicators ISIC Rev. 3 (Edition 2009)

STAN Indicators 2009 database highlights vital trends in industrial structure and performance for all OECD countries and various country groups, providing analysts and researchers with a comprehensive tool for analysis. This detailed data set presents annual indicators addressing themes such as: international trade, employment and productivity, industrial composition, business enterprise R&D and investment which are presented by industry (manufacturing, real estate, textiles). It allows users to focus on productivity growth, competitiveness and general structural change, while furnishing sufficient detail to enable users to isolate high-technology sectors and make comparisons across countries. Data are presented from 1970 onwards with annual datapoints.

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Keywords: R&D, transport equipment, high-technology manufactures, RD, research and development, employment, intra-industry trade, STAN, productivity, statistics, indicators, food products, import penetration, labour compensation