World humanitarian data and trends 2014

image of World humanitarian data and trends 2014
This publication presents global and country-level data and trend analysis relevant to humanitarian assistance. Its purpose is to bring this information together in one place and present it in an accessible way. It is intended to establish a common baseline of humanitarian data that allow for comparisons across time. This data can be used to help support humanitarian policy decisions and provide country-level context that can support operational decision-making.



Foreign military assets in support of humanitarian operations - Philippines

The use of foreign military assets in natural disaster relief operations is becoming commonplace. Yet it is still hard to understand their full impact. Some assets are used for immediate relief, such as evacuations, while others are used for early recovery, such as re-building infrastructure. There is also a challenge in measuring the contribution of foreign militaries. The inter-agency system normally measures humanitarian support in financial terms. However, not all activities involving the use of military assets are given a monetary value and reported to central tracking systems. Reporting is voluntary, and in most cases countries do not count military operating expenses as a separate humanitarian contribution given that these operating expenses are already covered under their national budget. Despite these challenges, the support offered by foreign militaries represents an important avenue to meet affected people’s needs.


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