Women, Government and Policy Making in OECD Countries

Fostering Diversity for Inclusive Growth

image of Women, Government and Policy Making in OECD Countries

Achieving gender equality in the economy and in the political leadership remains an ongoing challenge across the world. This report aims to address this gap. It  provides comparative data and policy benchmarks on women's access to public leadership and inclusive gender-responsive policy-making across OECD countries. The report is prepared in the context of the OECD Gender Initiative, launched by the OECD Ministers.

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Institutional dimensions of gender equality

This chapter examines institutional dimensions for advancing the gender equality agenda. The analysis in this chapter is largely based on the OECD 2011 Survey on National Gender Frameworks, Gender Public Policies and Leadership. The chapter highlights the main challenges for advancing gender equality identified by OECD countries, such as limited accountability mechanisms and a lack of awareness within the public service. It then argues that strategic government capacities and mainstreaming gender into regular policy-making cycle are critical for the effective design and implementation of the gender equality agenda. The required government capacities include the ability to promote a co-ordinated, whole-of-government approach to gender equality through national gender equality strategies and action plans, the effective allocation of roles and responsibilities across public institutions, robust accountability, oversight and coordination mechanisms, effective channels for making the voices of different groups of women and men heard, and tools for gender-sensitive policy making, supported by sound evidence of policy impacts on women and men. The chapter also provides an overview of institutional practices across OECD countries, highlights good practices and outlines a number of policy recommendations that aim to support governments in strengthening national frameworks for gender equality.


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