Why Do Countries Export Fakes?

The Role of Governance Frameworks, Enforcement and Socio-economic Factors

image of Why Do Countries Export Fakes?

This study provides an in-depth exploration of a series of factors that can explain a country’s propensity to export fake goods. The analysis explores the role and interplay of macroeconomic factors, governance variables, and the presence of Free Trade Zones, logistics facilities and trade facilitation. In addition, it analyses the role corrruption and enforcement of IP play in facilitating trade in counterfeit products, and provides data on these links.



Introduction. Trade in fakes: what do we know so far?

Counterfeiters tend to ship infringing products via complex trade routes in order to cover their tracks. Consequently, counterfeit and pirated products can be found in trade flows originating from virtually all the world’s economies, though intensities vary. This chapter describes the existing research on the economies involved in the global trade in counterfeit and pirated goods.


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