Water Governance in the Netherlands

Fit for the Future?

image of Water Governance in the Netherlands

This report assesses the extent to which Dutch water governance is fit for future challenges and sketches an agenda for the reform of water policies in the Netherlands. It builds on a one-year policy dialogue with over 100 Dutch stakeholders, supported by robust analytical work and drawing on international best practice.


Key future trends for Dutch water governance

Four broad categories of long-term drivers affect water risks and the capacity of the current water management system to adequately respond to them today and in the future: climate change, economic and demographic trends, socio-political trends illustrated by European water policies, and innovation and technologies. This chapter synthesises projected effects of these drivers on water demand and water availability, water governance and financing in the Netherlands. It explores consequences for Dutch water management, in particular with regard to path dependency and resilience. Potential consequences are discussed, on governance and institutions, infrastructure design and financing, and policies that affect water risks.


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