Value for Money in Government: Australia 2012

image of Value for Money in Government: Australia 2012
This report presents the results of the assessment of the organisation of the central government of Australia. The study looks at reforms that are aimed at improving the quality of services (more value) and efficiency (less money) in central government. Starting with facts and quantitative benchmarks on the Australian central government, the study reviews recent reforms in Australia, and makes recommendations in ten selected areas. The study concludes with a survey of the effects on the quality of services and the potential savings.



Overview of previous public administration reforms in Australia

This chapter discusses the four periods of reform that can be distinguished in Australia. These periods can be characterised as those of: i) devolution, accountability and performance (1974-1987); ii) emergence of top-down budgeting (1987-1996); iii) the contract state (1996-2009); and iv) toward strategic government (2009 to present).


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