Building Trust to Reinforce Democracy

Main Findings from the 2021 OECD Survey on Drivers of Trust in Public Institutions

image of Building Trust to Reinforce Democracy

What drives trust in government? This report presents the main findings of the first OECD cross-national survey on trust in government and public institutions, representing over 50 000 responses across 22 OECD countries. The survey measures government performance across five drivers of trust – reliability, responsiveness, integrity, openness, and fairness – and provides insights for future policy reforms. This investigation marks an important initiative by OECD countries to measure and better understand what drives people’s trust in public institutions – a crucial part of reinforcing democracy.

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Trust in other people and the police is relatively high, while political parties are viewed with scepticism

Share of respondents who report that they trust a given group or institution, unweighted OECD average, 2021


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