Trends in Risk Communication Policies and Practices

image of Trends in Risk Communication Policies and Practices

Good risk communication is crucial for raising awareness among citizens and business about the risks their countries face. However, many countries have seen their risk communication tools fail in the past, leading to persistently low levels of risk awareness, especially in the absence of recent disasters. This OECD report surveys current trends in risk communication policies and practices across OECD and partner countries. It seeks to understand why risk communication tools have failed and what OECD countries can do to improve the effectiveness of their risk communication policies. Based on an OECD-wide survey, the report evaluates the degree to which countries have used  risk communication tools to not only increase risk awareness, but to inform stakeholders about potential preparedness and prevention measures they can take to boost their resilience to future risks.



Comparing risk communication policies and practices across countries

Results from an OECD survey

This chapter provides an overview and a discussion of the results of a crosscountry survey that was conducted on risk communication policies and practices. The survey sought to uncover the core elements of countries’ risk communication strategies. This includes the general governance arrangements and the roles of actors responsible for risk communication. It also investigates countries’ objectives in their risk communication efforts, looking at the tools they use to achieve them. The survey also looks at the policies and practices countries have in place to ensure quality and inclusiveness in their risk communication processes. This includes approaches countries have to evaluate the impacts of risk communication efforts and to incorporate lessons learned into future risk communication strategies. Good country practices are highlighted throughout the chapter.


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