SIGMA Papers

SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and Management) is a joint initiative of the OECD and the EU, principally financed by the EU. SIGMA Papers is a series of specialised reports that are focused on particular issues in governance and management, such as expenditure control, administrative oversight, interministerial co-ordination, public procurement and public service management.

Available in French (see link below) and other languages.

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Training Civil Servants for Internationalisation

This publication contains those papers presented at the seminar: the Issues Paper prepared by Professor Jacques Ziller, University of Sorbonne, and five country papers prepared by national experts, presenting the situation and experience in their countries. SIGMA has published these documents because of the broad, current interest shown in central and eastern European countries. Public servants in all countries are exposed to a growing internationalisation in most of the tasks that are carried out in a national public service. Many public servants have to cope with supra-national legal frameworks and with international standards in their daily work. Many have to perform in multilateral and bilateral contexts to promote the interests of their countries. The fact of working in an international context is a continuing part of life for public servants, requiring adaptation of public service management systems. But when a state makes a radical change in its international involvement, for example when it joins an international body and accepts new obligations, there must be a heavy "up-front" preparatory investment.

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