Trafficking in Persons and Corruption

Breaking the Chain

image of Trafficking in Persons and Corruption

This publication explores the link between trafficking in persons and corruption. Although many countries have taken considerable steps to combat trafficking in persons, these have not comprehensively focused on the fundamental role that corruption plays in the trafficking process. This publication presents a set of Guiding Principles on Combatting Corruption Related to Trafficking in Persons. These Guiding Principles are a useful guide for any country that is in the process of establishing, modifying or complementing a framework to address trafficking in persons-related corruption. The report includes two cases studies from Thailand and the Philippines, where the practical application and the effectiveness of the Guiding Principles is examined.



Trafficking in persons: Weak governance and growing profits

This chapter explores one of the most lucrative forms of organised crime: trafficking in persons. It focuses on the magnitude of the crime in terms of both profit and the number of victims, the transnational nature of trafficking in persons, and takes stock of progress in enforcement of the anti-trafficking laws in place. In addition, the chapter presents a number of efforts that have been made to combat trafficking in persons in terms of international and regional conventions, legislation from national governments and private sector initiatives.


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