Trade in Counterfeit Goods and the Italian Economy

Protecting Italy's intellectual property

image of Trade in Counterfeit Goods and the Italian Economy

The Italian economy is innovative and rich in intellectual property (IP), with nearly every industry either producing or using IP. Italian IP-intensive industries are very well integrated in the global economy, through active participation in global value chains. At the same time, the threats of counterfeiting and piracy are growing – and Italy is vulnerable. This report measures the direct, economic effects of counterfeiting on Italian consumers, the Italian retail and manufacturing industry, and the Italian governments. It examines both the impact that the imports of fake products to Italy has on these three groups and the impact on the Italian intellectual property rights holders of the global trade in fake products that infringe their IP rights.

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The Italian economy is innovative, knowledge-intense and globalised. Numerous Italian industries produce high-quality products that are highly valued and in demand around the world. These features are the hallmarks of a modern, dynamic economy; however, they also make Italy vulnerable to the global risks of counterfeiting and piracy.

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