Towards More Effective and Dynamic Public Management in Mexico

image of Towards More Effective and Dynamic Public Management in Mexico

This public governance review of Mexico examines the regulatory framework in Mexico, explains how e-government could be used to find new approaches to old challenges, and looks at the challenge of professionalising public servants in Mexico.

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Leveraging e-government to find new approaches to old challenges

Mexico has a long-standing commitment to using ICT to support public sector reforms and foster good governance by improving transparency, quality and efficiency of government. Across administrations, the Mexican Government has exploited technology to continually innovate and improve its operations to best meet citizens’ and businesses’ needs. This chapter draws attention to the government’s efforts to better integrate, simplify and implement e-government processes; strengthen the governance framework; align strategic goals in order to rationalise the use of resources in times of economic constraints; deliver services more coherently across the federal public administration; maximise the benefits of previous e-government investments while planning new ones; and embrace innovative concepts and approaches.


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