Towards Efficient Public Procurement in Colombia

Making the Difference

image of Towards Efficient Public Procurement in Colombia

Public procurement is a critical element of good governance, as it is a crucial nexus of interaction between the public and private sectors. This report examines ongoing public procurement reforms in Colombia, focusing on issues such as the availability of data on public procurement, preventing conflicts of interest, competition and contracting award methods, and legal control and remedy systems.




Improving Colombia's management of conflict of interest in public procurement

Public procurement is a complex activity involving multiple stakeholders at different stages, and this interaction between the public and the private sectors makes public procurement an area highly prone to corruption or integrity breaches. In particular, conflict of interest, generally used to describe the conflict between public official’s public duty and his or her private interests, is a growing concern. Effective identification, prevention and management of conflicts of interest by an organisation are not only influenced by the controls and policies it implements, but also by its culture and prevention efforts. Active commitment and involvement from public servants are imperative to maintain an environment that stimulates integrity and rejects corruption and wrongdoing. In this light, this chapter describes the general context of Colombia’s management of conflict of interest during the public procurement cycle and provides recommendations to improve it.


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