Towards Efficient Public Procurement in Colombia

Making the Difference

image of Towards Efficient Public Procurement in Colombia

Public procurement is a critical element of good governance, as it is a crucial nexus of interaction between the public and private sectors. This report examines ongoing public procurement reforms in Colombia, focusing on issues such as the availability of data on public procurement, preventing conflicts of interest, competition and contracting award methods, and legal control and remedy systems.




Foreword and Acknowledgements

Public procurement represents a significant share of countries’ economies, on average over 13% of GDP and 29% of government expenditure among OECD members. It is also a rapidly developing field. The combined fiscal pressure to “do more with less” following the financial crisis and the development of new tools and approaches has led to a renaissance in public procurement reform in recent years. The focus of such reform has expanded from enhancing integrity to a broader view of strategic public procurement as way to achieve key government policy objectives, build citizen trust and foster inclusive growth. Countries, including Colombia, are re-evaluating existing processes and procedures to increase efficiency, integrity and service quality, following well-established good governance principles.


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