Towards an Open Government in Kazakhstan

image of Towards an Open Government in Kazakhstan

The government of Kazakhstan has shown a strong commitment to enhancing transparency, accountability and participation in the policy-making process, and has taken important steps towards implementing open government. However, further efforts are need to ensure the success and long-term sustainability of Kazakhstan’s open government reforms. This review provides an overview of the cultural, economic, historical and political context for open government reforms. It examines ongoing efforts, identifies the remaining challenges and assesses the measures put in place by Kazakhstan’s authorities to address them in order to translate the reforms into tangible results. Finally, the report looks at the environment for effective citizen engagement and its potential to improve service delivery and policy making. It provides recommendations for concrete actions Kazakhstan can take to fully implement open government reforms.


Towards effective citizen participation in policy making and service delivery in Kazakhstan

Good decision making requires the knowledge, experience, views and values of the public. This chapter analyses the environment for effective citizen participation and its potential to improve service delivery and policy making in Kazakhstan. The country’s Access to Information Law constitutes the backbone of open government reforms and is an important first step towards participation on the basis of an informed public. The chapter examines Kazakhstan’s endeavours to go beyond just providing information to stakeholders and the government’s efforts for effective consultation and engagement with its citizens as partners.


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