Towards a New Partnership with Citizens

Jordan's Decentralisation Reform

image of Towards a New Partnership with Citizens

This assessment provides an evidence-based analysis of the ongoing decentralisation reforms in Jordan from the perspective of the principles and practices of open government. It covers topics such as enhancing the role of the centre of government in driving reform, enabling effective public service delivery at the local level, and the potential and expected impact of the country’s decentralisation reforms on Jordan’s open government agenda.



Enablers for an effective and efficient public service delivery at the local level in Jordan: Overview of good practice

The decentralisation reform has raised high expectations that public policies will be brought closer to citizens and that public service delivery will become better tailored based on a bottom-up approach. For this promise to materialise, and indeed have a positive impact on local communities and economic activity, this chapter identifies four conditions that should be fulfilled: 1) a transformation of Local Development Units (LDUs) to act as cornerstones of the public administration at subnational level and for local development; 2) a clarification of the administrative and financial autonomy of subnational government institutions in addressing day-to-day service demands; 3) a coordinated dialogue between the central, governorate and the municipal levels in the identification of citizens’ needs and in rolling out Governorate Development Plans; and 4) a strategic approach to reinforcing capacities and training among local civil servants and elected officials.


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