Towards a More Effective, Strategic and Accountable State in Kazakhstan

image of Towards a More Effective, Strategic and Accountable State in Kazakhstan

This review examines the recent reforms undertaken by the government of Kazakhstan in the area of public governance and evaluates their impact on the effectiveness, strategic capacity and accountability of the state. The review places particular emphasis on strategic planning, policy and programme evaluation, risk management, devolution and functional reviews, privatisation and the oversight of state-owned enterprises – all areas in which the government has taken or considered significant initiatives. The report offers a number of recommendations for further progress towards an effective, strategic and accountable state.



Strategy and policy making in Kazakhstan: From instructing to enabling

This chapter reviews and assesses ongoing reforms aiming to transform and modernise strategy- and policy making in the government, particularly when it comes to the role of the Centre of Government (CoG) and the autonomy of line ministries. Two processes largely determine the relations between the CoG (Presidential Administration, Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Ministry of the National Economy, Ministry of Finance, Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption) and line ministries in the government of Kazakhstan: planning, which provides a framework for ministerial strategyand policy making; and evaluation, through which ministerial activities are closely monitored and assessed. Both processes have undergone legal transformations in the past months. The chapter exposes the main lines of both processes, reviews and assesses the impact of recent reforms, and makes recommendations for further progress towards effective strategy- and policy making.


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