Toolkit for Mainstreaming and Implementing Gender Equality 2023

image of Toolkit for Mainstreaming and Implementing Gender Equality 2023

The Toolkit for Mainstreaming and Implementing Gender Equality 2023 is a practical resource to help governments, parliaments and judiciaries implement the OECD Recommendation on Gender Equality in Public Life. It contains self-assessment tools to guide governments and other decision-making institutions in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their policies, mechanisms, and frameworks for gender equality, and in setting priorities for improvement. The Toolkit highlights a range of possible actions to take and pitfalls to avoid in implementing the various provisions of the Recommendation. A revision of the 2018 online Toolkit on Mainstreaming and Implementing Gender Equality, it introduces concepts such as intersectionality and the future of work; includes expanded areas such as budgeting, public procurement and infrastructure; and provides the latest lessons and good practices from OECD countries.


Strategic use of governance tools to promote gender equality

Governments have many policy instruments or tools at their disposal, such as structural policies, budgets, regulations and procurement processes. These are not always neutral in their application and impact as implicit gender bias and norms may seep into their baseline, and risk exacerbating inequality and discrimination. In fact, as a key instrument to influence behaviours, governments can make a strategic use of those tools to deliver better policy outcomes towards more gender-equal and inclusive societies. This section of the Toolkit provides an overview of how governments can use selected tools in a strategic way to redress structural inequalities and advance gender equality and inclusiveness goals. It focuses on an assessment of the gender impacts of various public governance dimensions, the integration of the gender perspective in all phases of the budget cycle and promoting gender equality through public procurement.


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