The Korean Public Procurement Service

Innovating for Effectiveness

image of The Korean Public Procurement Service

This report on the Public Procurement Service of Korea examines the effectiveness of its system, identifying good practices that can inspire reform efforts in other countries. In particular, the report highlights the efficiency gains achieved by implementation of a comprehensive e-procurement system and the savings generated by an integrated support for government-wide contracts. It also looks at how Korea is adopting a strategic and multi-dimensional approach to using public procurement in the support of small businesses and other social objectives. In identifying possible improvements to Korea’s system, recommendations include a more centralised look at workforce training and development issues and additional features for Korea’s e-procurement system, as well as a review of existing certification and preference programs.




Executive summary

Representing EUR 4.3 trillion per year in OECD countries, public procurement is a crucial pillar of strategic governance. As a substantial nexus between the public and private sphere as well as a critical channel for services delivery to citizens, public procurement conducted with integrity, transparency and accountability is essential to developing public trust. With governments facing continued budgetary pressures and demands to “do more with less,” focus has increasingly turned to public procurement reform as a means of increasing efficiency and effectiveness for public services delivery.


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