The Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan

Progress and Challenges

image of The Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan

Corruption is a serious concern in many parts of the world. In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, transition processes provided particularly rich ground for corruption. This volume analyses a broad range of anti-corruption measures recently implemented in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and identifies where interim progress has been achieved, and where further or reinforced action is needed. The book covers such areas as: anti-corruption strategies, and action plans and mechanisms to monitor their implementation; as well as anti-corruption criminal legislation and its application in practice, including the key role of specialised, independent and well-resourced anti-corruption law-enforcement bodies. The volume also examines a diverse range of measures to prevent corruption among public officials, in political parties, and in the private sector. It  is rich with country data and practical examples, and will provide a useful source of information for anti-corruption decision makers and practitioners in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and beyond. 



Criminalisation of Corruption

Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan countries share common history and legal traditions. Since independence, several countries implemented significant reforms of their criminal justice systems; however, substantive reform of criminal law is a slow and long-term process. It is therefore not surprising that many of the Istanbul Action Plan countries share similar shortcomings in the area of criminalisation of corruption. As a result, all countries received a general common recommendation – to introduce international anti-corruption standards for criminalisation of corruption established by the OECD, Council of Europe and UN anti-corruption conventions, supported by a set of country specific recommendations. Further, to help countries understand the requirements of international standards, the OECD developed a Corruption Glossary of International Criminal Standards. This chapter builds on both this Glossary and Istanbul Action Plan country reports.


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